Home Staging

With 90% of buyers shopping online first, MLS pictures need to grab and excite buyers to drive traffic to your listing. A staged home sells one third faster than their unstaged competition, thus lowering carrying costs.


Preparing your home for sale is a monumental task that can be an overwhelming process. Most sellers do not know where to start. Questions that typically arise are – what do we pack, what dowe leave out, what should we paint and what color, should we upgrade anything? At the same time, homeowners want to make sure they are not investing in unnecessary improvements.
Interiors by Lindsay can put your mind at ease with a home staging consultation. This process usually takes 2 hours. During this time all your questions will be answered. Additionally, we focus on how to highlight the key features of your home while detracting from any challenging areas. We pay close attention to focal points, furniture placement and scale, color, and decor. After the consultation, the seller will have the tools and guidance needed to prepare their listing for sale to reach their target market.
If we feel the seller may benefit from further staging, we will come back at a later date to implement our recommendations. This may entail providing the client with finishing touches such as art, accessories, and lighting, or on a grander scale, furnishings for an entire room(s). An astounding 87% of buyers will overlook property faults when a home is professionally staged.


Interiors by Lindsay has had the pleasure of working with dozens of residential rehabbers that flip homes. Our sophisticated furnishings help highlight their design features. Only 10% of buyers have the ability to envision a space with furniture. We take the guesswork out, so buyers have a clear understanding of each room. Have you found your next dream home and moved out, or been relocated to leave behind a home that is cold and uninviting? Interiors by Lindsay can give your home the warmth and appeal that it deserves, while you relax and watch your home sell quickly and for top dollar.

Staging of an Occupied Home
by Interriors by Lindsay

Staging of an Unoccupied Home
by Interriors by Lindsay